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NBA has a Parity Problem, This Could Fix it

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors

In most leagues, the day after the champion is crowned is met with a fresh start, optimism, and hope for next year. In the NBA, if you are a fan of 28 out of the possible 20 franchises, you do not realistically see your team in the NBA Finals next season barring some MAJOR variables taking place. 

That, in itself, is a huge problem.

It's been widely covered and is the furthest thing from a secret at this point, but the NBA has a major parity problem. The league lacks intrigue beyond the Warriors and Cavaliers, and a sense of inevitability has been creeping into every playoff game before the Finals. 

Clay Travis has an idea that could help shake up the current rosters, a 'recalibration' as he calls it, which would allow one player per team to be paid an amount that doesn't need to be put in the salary cap. Listen below:

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