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Making Kids Play College Basketball is Absurd

“We let guys walk around with machine guns in Afghanistan and get shot at at 18 years old.”

Clay Travis says the NBA’s ongoing debate over its age requirement is quite ridiculous when you really put it into perspective by comparing it to other jobs.

Travis says the idea of the some of the world’s most gifted teenagers get turned down from a profitable and likely lucrative career because they’re too young is the complete opposite of everything America stands for, especially when you take into account they’re young men who are old enough to be in war at the moment, but not play NBA basketball.

“If we let 18-year-olds graduate from high school and join the Marines, or the Navy, or the Army and be out there walking around with machine guns in middle-of-nowhere Afghanistan or freaking Iraq getting shot at, then I’m sorry, I don’t feel that bad that a guy’s jump shot isn’t as good at 20 as we thought it was going to be when he was 18 and he doesn’t end up having that long of an NBA career.”

Probably the most illogical reasoning behind forcing kids to college is the idea that they’ll receive some sort of an education in the process.


“One and done is a joke, you show up on campus in September and leave by March,” Travis said.” Are you really telling me that these people are becoming geniuses who go to college for one year?”

“Let people try to succeed or fail, don’t try to coddle them.”