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Phil Mickelson Shouldn't Have Had to Withdraw

Phil Mickelson hasn't missed a U.S. Open since 1993 but will miss this year because of his daughter's high school graduation. It coincides with the start of his opening round, and would require him to miss a good portion of his scheduled play. He was left with no choice and had to withdraw from a major as a result. 

Little known fact, a school once postponed a graduation for Jack Nicklaus back when he was playing, and private schools often times have the power to adjust their graduation and ceremony schedules due to the small size of the class.

Now, this might be a case-by-case basis and we totally understand that, but Clay Travis wonders why the expensive private school couldn't reschedule to get Phil to the Open? When you think about where golf wants to be as a sport in terms of significance, isn't this a bad look?

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