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REPORT: Sixers and Celtics in Trade Talks

2017 NBA Draft Lottery


So, here we are a week from the NBA Draft and stuff is starting to explode. The 76ers and Celtics are in serious trade talks apparently looking to swap the No. 1 overall pick. Here are some of the likely scenarios that could make this trade possible:

  • Philadelphia has pick No. 3 in the draft, and after Lonzo/Fultz that pick is considered to be 'in charge of the draft', which could be enticing to Danny.
  • Philadelphia has the 2018 Lakers first round pick, unprotected. If the Celtics go that route, they will have the Nets and Lakers unprotected next season and a ton of cap space this summer as well.
  • The 76ers have a loaded front court, and need to move some pieces before the start of next season. Dario Saric anyone?

All of these are possible. Let's continue to watch this space moving forward.

In a late update, Woj joins the party and reports that the Celtics would be looking to get that No. 3 pick and a future first from Philadelphia. This could be the Josh Jackson move the Celtics wanted.