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Best of Outkick The Coverage: 01/13/2021

Clay Travis tees off on a CBS writer and website who spread fear-porn. Will the writer retract the college athlete Covid death "facts" that were in his article? Clay brings in the crew and callers from around the nation to weigh-in. FOX's Shannon Spake joins Outkick and talks about the success of finishing both the college and NFL seasons, a lost year for some kids in school, and more. Clay welcomes in the first Animal Thunderdome report of 2021, which features a husband who did something that he can hold over his wife's head for years. Plus,'s Joe Kinsey is in the house to talk about his Buckeyes getting torched, Paulina Gretsky mania, the Browns chances in KC, Bills fans fighting wild, Hooter's waitresses and more.

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