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04/13/2021 - The Best of Outkick The Coverage

Clay Travis is back in the saddle and shares his WrestleMania 37 experience. Since Clay was out yesterday, he gives his reaction to the Masters, boycotting fails, and the bad Braves call at home plate. Houston Chronicle's John McClain joins the show to explain what it was like last week as Baylor alum, the 2 statues John wants built, QB's in the NFL Draft, Falcons at 4, Texans QB situation, and going to the movies again. Clay talks Julian Edelman to the NFL Hall of Fame. Are his chances hurt because of how great Tom Brady is? Petros of AM 570 LA Sports is in the house and shares an amazing story of a homeless man who pretended to be a USC player. Plus, the fellas talk WrestleMania, and Petros' favorite wrestlers as a kid.

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