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04/19/2021 - The Best Of Outkick the Coverage

Clay Travis is joined by Lance Taylor to talk Triller Jake Paul fight, kids with their YouTube habits, carnival of Snoop Dogg/Oscar De La Hoya events, NFL Draft, Justin Fields, Colon checks and more. Clay dives into the 3rd pick in the NFL Draft. He's covered the 49ers a lot this offseason, but there are still a lot of questions for Kyle Shanahan and San Francisco. Is Shanahan doubting himself because he loves three different QB's all at once?'s Bobby Burack joins the show to talk Triller/Jake Paul, sports packages, and ESPN's big whiff over the weekend. Plus, Clay brings in Danny G. to talk Dodgers/Padres rivalry, and a playoff atmosphere in MLB that has never been seen before in the month of April. 

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