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04/20/2021 - The Best Of Outkick the Coverage

Clay Travis jumps right into the very latest with Deshaun Watson, where Watson and his lawyer have now officially called all 22 women liars. Clay explains why it’s hard to settle any of these cases now and how he would’ve handled things. National Champion Scott Drew of Baylor Men’s Basketball wakes up early with the show to talk about what the success has been like, the process, recruiting wins, advice to himself, and more. Outkick's MLB insider Jon Morosi is here and weighs-in on Clay's soccer analogy and brings baseball into that conversation. The fellas also discuss the Dodgers/Padres rivalry and whether it has staying power as far as national interest, and the Red Sox hot start. Plus, Petros of AM 570 LA Sports joins the show to talk soccer, Greece, Croatia, Italy, San Pedro, sings for Iowa and Tennessee, and reps USC.

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