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The Lakers Should Call LeBron’s Bluff

Photo: Ezra Shaw

The latest rumors have the Phoenix Suns drafting Bronny James and then signing his dad LeBron to a free agent contract so they can team up in Phoenix. Doug isn’t buying it and thinks the Lakers should let Bronny go to the Suns because the kid just isn’t ready to contribute to an NBA team despite the leverage that LeBron can bring to bear. There’s zero chance Phoenix drafting Bronny is going to result in more wins for the Suns.

Doug Gottlieb: “Do we really think that LeBron James is going to go to the Phoenix Suns as a free agent? How does that make any sense? Oh, his son is only going to work out for the Suns and the Lakers. (If) I’m the Lakers, call his bluff! Suns want to draft Bronny, go for it. Go for it! He can’t help anybody this coming year win games that matter.”