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Darvin Ham: Russell Westbrook Has Accepted the Challenge

Photo: Harry How

Los Angeles Lakers new Head Coach, Darvin Ham joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He talks about how difficult to it is to compare players from different eras but thinks Michael Jordan was THE trailblazer for the modern style of NBA basketball. He shares the foundation on which he plans to build this team, and specifically how it should help Russell Westbrook return to dominance. And he spends a little time talking about his playing days and the level of animosity he had for a few particular teams and players.

Dan Patrick: “What is your game plan for Russ (Westbrook) and how to incorporate him better into the Laker offense?”

Darvin Ham: “...One thing we always preached and will continue to preach to be our foundation of our teams is a defensive mindset, being able to defend at a high level. And I challenged him, and he accepted the challenge. That’s a part of the word ‘sacrifice’ we use, and being able to move him around at different spaces on the floor as we go back on the offensive end...being able to diversify his plan of attack where he’s not just rushing the ball up the court and facing three defender every time...”