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The Browns Have Made a $65M Mistake

Photo: Jason Miller

The latest news on Deshaun Watson’s status for the Cleveland Browns this season looks grim. We are expecting a ruling on his NFL discipline after the hearing tomorrow and all indications are that he will be suspended for the entire season, so his $45M signing bonus has so far been wasted. They’ve also burned the bridge with Baker Mayfield to whom they are still paying a considerable sum. Dan did the math, and the Browns are taking a bath on two guys who won’t even play this year.

Dan Patrick: “Fifteen months ago they’re facing Chad Henne. All they have to do is stop Chad Henne. They’re down five with the ball, they are in the playoffs, (and) Chad Henne is in there for Patrick Mahomes. If you get a touchdown, you stop them; you may be going to the Super Bowl. That’s fifteen months ago, right? Now, if you look at what they’re doing, the Cleveland Browns are going to spend almost $65M on two quarterbacks this year and neither are going to play.”