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Kyrie Irving to the Lakers Isn’t Dead Yet

Photo: Mike Stobe

Kyrie Irving has decided to opt-in to his option with the Brooklyn Nets, but Dan reminds us that this doesn’t mean the Lakers can’t still land the controversial star, just not before the June 30th deadline to start negotiations with free agents. But they can still work a sign-and-trade deal, and the Lakers seem desperate enough to make it happen.

Dan Patrick: “The Lakers feel desperate; we need to get somebody, we need to get something here. Yeah, Seton?”

Patrick ‘Seton’ O’Connor: “I’m getting the sense too from what I’m seeing online from say, Brian Windhorst...

Dan: “Yeah...”

Seton: “...that Kyrie to the Lakers isn’t off the table...”

Dan: “No.

Seton: “’s just not going to happen by the time the deadline runs out.”

Dan: “Yeah. They said it’s still a possibility there could be a sign-and-trade but said the odds, I think, are long. But I think the Lakers are still trying to make something happen and that might be their only chance...”