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Browns and Baker Can Still Play Nice

Photo: Jason Miller

With a ruling likely for Deshaun Watson that may leave the Browns without their starting quarterback for another season, Dan thinks it isn’t too late for the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield to mend their relationship and play nice for one last season. The Browns haven’t been able to trade him as of yet, and it makes more sense to eat crow than pay nearly $65M to two players who won’t see the field this year. A slim chance is better than no chance, especially for a team that has a real shot at winning the AFC North if they have either man at the helm.

Dan Patrick: “If you say an indefinite suspension, OK, now we’re talking at least a year. Can you get Baker Mayfield to help salvage this? Maybe I’m reading too much into it because I still think there would be a possibility for him to come in, come back and just sort of make good...Let’s say you’re the Cleveland Browns and you find out that your quarterback is out for at least a year, then do you start to play nice?”