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Jalen Brunson Is Not the Savior Knicks Fans Believe He Is

Photo: Ron Jenkins

NBA free agency officially opens today, and Jalen Brunson’s name is on everyone’s lips. With the Knicks making roster move to clear cap space, it’s assumed they will be pursuing Brunson hard. Dan warns Knick fans not to pin their hopes on Brunson like they did with Julius Randle since the kid just isn’t franchise player. He would be a great addition but should probably be maybe the third best player on a championship level squad.

Dan Patrick: “Jalen Brunson’s going to get overpaid, and the Knick fans are going to have great expectations. He’s a good player. He’s not a franchise player. You’re not going to be able to build around (him) have to build around him, but you can’t have him as your centerpiece. He’s maybe your third best player. That would be what I would hope for. But I hope the Knick fans don’t turn on Jalen Brunson like they did on Julius Randle...He’s going to be one of the higher paid point guards in the league and the expectation level with the Knicks, we know, is always at an all-time high. ‘Here’s our next savior coming in!’ And it doesn’t take long before they turn on you there.”