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Baker Makes Panthers Interesting, If Not Much Better

Photo: Grant Halverson

Neither the Las Vegas odds-makers nor Dan Patrick are convinced Baker Mayfield will make much difference for the Carolina Panthers’ win total next season, but at least they might be worth watching. Mayfield adds some drama in Carolina and that makes them worth the attention even if they still aren’t very good. When you throw in Sam Darnold and Matt Corral, it adds up to a very compelling story at the Panthers’ quarterback position.

Dan Patrick: “There are teams that, maybe they win 7, 8, 9 games, but they’re not interesting. And you could have a team that’s not that good but still interesting. Carolina, maybe they get 6, 7 wins, but now they’re interesting because of Baker Mayfield. But, if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one. And actually, you have three ‘cause I really like Matt Corral.”