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Ron Rivera Downplays Carson Wentz’s Accuracy Issues

Photo: Scott Taetsch

The Washington Commanders picked up QB Carson Wentz in the offseason and it appears he is having the same issues with inaccurate throws that has plagued him in his career. Head Coach Ron Rivera downplayed the problem and Dan isn’t buying it. It’s not like Rivera can share his true concerns with the media. He’s just trying to put a positive light on bad situation, but the Commanders’ QB slot is definitely a cause for concern.

Dan Patrick: “The head coach of the Commanders, Ron Rivera admitted that (Carson) Wentz has experienced some accuracy issues throughout camp...Could you imagine if he said, ‘Man, we’re concerned about this!’ Of course, you’re going to downplay this. What if Ron Rivera goes, ‘What have we done, why didn’t we stay with Tyler Heinicke!’”