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Devin McCourty: Patrick Mahomes Looks Like He’ll Be Feeling Pretty Good

Photo: Harry how

 New England Patriots DB Devin McCourty joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk about his remarkably long career and making sure he played longer than his brother Jason. He says he watched some Twitter videos of Patrick Mahomes at practice yesterday and thinks he’ll be moving pretty well come Sunday. And he shares some amusing anecdotes about practicing against Tom Brady and how funny Bill Belichick is behind the scenes. And he refuses to make any announcement about his intentions for next season.

Dan Patrick: “What would you do with (Patrick) Mahomes? How would your strategy be different knowing that he has this high ankle sprain?”

Devin McCourty: “...If he’s moving that well on a Wednesday, you just kind of look forward and you  fast-forward to by the end of the weekend, he’s going to be feeling probably pretty good. And they continue treatment, and what they’ll do on game day for that ankle, I think he’ll be moving pretty well.”