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Tom Izzo: "We Beat A Really Good Marquette Team"

Michigan State v Marquette

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: “We shouldn’t be surprised, but are you surprised that you’ve advanced?” 
Tom Izzo: “I liked my team the whole year. That normally doesn’t happen. Am I surprised? Not totally, but I thought the team we beat in Marquette was a really good team. They deserved where they were and where they were seeded. “ 

Michigan State MBB Tom Izzo joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Despite being the Spartan’s head coach for almost three decades, Izzo admits that he questions his own profession, especially during the era of NIL. Dan also admits that no one should be surprised at Izzo’s ability to make a deep run in the tournament but questions him if he’s surprised that Michigan State made it to the next round.