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Could Deion Sanders Be the Next Pete Carroll?

Photo: Steph Chambers

The Seattle Seahawks took care of the hapless New York Giants last night and Dan Patrick is amazed that Pete Carroll continues to have success with his high-energy, college-type atmosphere in Seattle. At the age of 72, Carroll has proven that you can successfully make the transition from college to professional head coach, a path it seems Colorado Buffaloes HC Deion Sanders is destined to take.

Dan Patrick: “Pete Carroll’s still making it work, and he’s making it work with Geno Smith...and I wondered if he would be around for a rebuild at age 70, now he’s 72, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. But it was just strange, I was thinking, he’s older than (Bill) Belichick but he has that college feel that Deion (Sanders) has at Colorado. And so when you say, ‘Hey, could Deion make this work in the pros?’ Yeah! Like, having that atmosphere? Not every player responds to it, but Pete seems to bring in the players that respond to him.”