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Are this Year's MLB Awards Too Obvious? | November 13


0:00 Managers

14:55 MLB Awards

25:30 Calling My Shot

27:50 NFL & the Yankees

29:30 Bears Beat Panthers

30:40 Colts Beat Patriots

31:20 Texans Beat the Bengals!

33:00 Vikings Beat Saints

35:00 Browns Beat Ravens

37:35 Steelers Beat Packers (I Like Jaylen Warren)

39:35 Buccaneers Beat Titans

40:30 CMC Streak Ends & 49ers are Back

41:10 Kyler Beats the Falcons

44:00 Lions-Chargers Shootout

47:00 Giants-Cowboys NO!

48:10 Seahawks Beat Commanders

50:05 Raiders Beat the Jets

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