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What Will the Mariners Do? | November 27


0:00 Cardinals Add a Stud in Sonny Gray

10:20 Tigers Could Be Good?

14:10 Dodgers Re-Signed Jason Heyward

16:45 Eugenio Suarez Fallout: Will the Mariners Get in the Chapman Sweepstakes?

23:55 Packers Handle the Lions. Are They Back?

26:10 Dallas Crush the Commanders

28:00 Is Brock Purdy a Top-5 QB?

28:55 Dolphins Embarrass Tim Boyle and Jets

30:30 Gambling This Sunday Was a Nightmare

32:00 The 1PM Games

33:45 Panthers Fired Frank Reich

40:35 Jaguars Beat Texans

43:15 Broncos are... Good?

45:40 Rams BIG Win Over AZ

46:25 Chiefs Beat Raiders

46:50 Ravens Survive the Chargers

47:55 Bills-Eagles OT Thriller

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