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Nobody Is Neutral on Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Ethan Miller

It seems even the supposedly neutral journalists are unable to hide their feelings about New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers and Dan understands why that is. It’s difficult not to blur the lines when covering these athletes for so long and getting regular glimpses at who they are off the field. It’s hard not to forgive the actions of athletes you like and not hold them against guys who rub you the wrong way, and Aaron Rodgers is a truly polarizing figure who makes it hard to sit on the fence.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t know if he rubs you the wrong way. It’s hard not to bring in somebody’s personality sometimes. And being in this business for such a long period of time, I’ve been around athletes or coaches where it’s not just (that) I see what they do when they’re on a court or a field, I see who they are, and sometime the lines get blurred with that. That you might like a guy a little bit more than you probably should or you might hold it against a guy a little bit more than you should. I mean, we’re human with our reaction to this. And with Rodgers, it just feels like you’re either for him or against him. I don’t know if people are neutral on Aaron.”