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Are the Tigers Going to COMPETE?

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0:00 The Royals are Fascinating

9:35 Will the Tigers Be Competitive?

17:00 Cleveland Guardians are Odd

21:00 Are the Twins Falling Off?

26:10 Assorted Baseball Rumors

26:35 Chargers Fired Staley

28:55 Bengals Beat Vikings

30:45 Steelers are FADING, Lose to Colts

32:00 Lions Dominate Denver

33:20 Browns Survive the Bears

34:45 Packers Lose to Tampa

37:00 Texans Beat Titans in OT

37:55 Dolphins Stomp the Jets

38:05 Chiefs Beat Patriots

38:50 Saints Crush Giants, Devito Mania is Over?

40:00 Panthers Win a Game, What's Bryce Young's Deal?

41:42 Rams Outlast Commanders

43:00 San Francisco Clinch the NFC West

43:20 Bills & Cook CRUSH Cowboys

44:45 Ravens are Real

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