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The Chiefs Are Not the Villains

Photo: Chris Unger

Rob Parker: "The biggest non story and fake narrative I have ever heard in NFL Super Bowl history. The Kansas City Chiefs are not the bad guys or villains. Can we stop? The Patriots had a lot of reasons why you didn’t like them. Starting with the cheating, can we start there Chris. That will do it... where you want to cheat some fan bases. Ask the Raiders with the Tuck Rule right. That’s why you hate the Patriots... they cheated. How about Bill Belichick? That’s a rosy guy that you want to hang out with or you think he’s a cool guy... no. All shucks Tom Brady; he’s another guy that makes you want to throw up in your mouth... alright some people not everybody."
Rob Parker: "This notion that the Kansas City Chiefs are the bad guys, they got a coach in Andy Reid who lost so many big games people couldn’t even count. They look at Andy Reid and they think he looks like a Pillsbury doughboy and they want to push their finger into his stomach, they don’t look at that guy as a bad guy... they want to pass him the menu at Dennys. They don’t hate Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, he hasn’t won every game they lost a Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes has done nothing to anyone Chris. They’ve made the Super Bowl 4 out of 5 years so I understand maybe that... maybe a little jealousy but hate the Kansas City Chiefs... Preposterous."

On the latest episode of The Odd Couple, Rob Parker and Chris Broussard debunk the narrative that the Kansas City Chiefs have become the villains of the NFL. Listen to the full segment above!