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The Dan Patrick Show

The Dan Patrick Show

Dan Patrick's daily radio show has exclusive insider access, Patrick brings A-list guests from the world of sports and entertainment to the show....Full Bio


Hour 3 – Trash House, Mid Weak Major

C&R are filling for DP! They have fun with Lenny Kravitz & the viral video of his gym attire. They debate what is acceptable at the gym. The Fairfax District had to call the city in to remove 7 tons of trash from a home! The show has fun piling up the facts about this crazy story. Callers weigh-in on "your worst neighbor." Danny G. has 'MID WEAK MAJOR & the fellas explain "mutant theory." Plus, Tyler Glasnow was on fire with 14 strikeouts.. will we ever see a pitcher reach 20 K's again?


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