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A Deep Dive on the AL East | April 29

Talkin' Jake Looked into the current state of the AL and NL East divisions to figure out what we've learned with April coming to a close. They also talk about the fun weekend with NFL Draft as well as NBA & NHL Playoffs!


0:00 Intro

2:25 Yankees are Good!

7:15 Rest of the AL East

19:00 Braves are Disgusting

21:50 NFL Daft & Caleb Williams

25:20 Daniels

27:45 Patriots Drafted Drake Maye

29:15 Baffling Michael Penix Jr. Pick by Atlanta

36:30 JJ McCarthy

37:55 Bo Nix

43:20 Final Bears Thoughts

44:50 Knicks & NBA Playoffs Have Been AWESOME

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