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What Could Be the Next MLB Trade? | May 6

Talkin' Jake breaks down how the Padres will use Luis Arraez and why he loves the fit for San Diego, other MLB teams that could end up selling at the Trade Deadline this July, and what he's observed in the NBA Playoffs


0:00 Intro

2:15 Padres Trade for Luis Arraez and I LOVE the Fit

16:15 Could the Toronto Blue Jays Sell?

20:05 Could the Houston Astros Sell?

24:20 Could the Tampa Bay Rays Sell?

26:10 Which NL West Team Will Sell?

30:40 Kentucky Derby

31:20 NHL Playoffs Have Been Fun

32:55 Knicks Series vs. Indiana Pacers Begins Tonight

34:10 Celtics vs. Cavs

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