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These MLB Team Stat Leaders are Shocking | May 13

Talkin' Jake goes over the stats he found while making his MLB power rankings and what he's liked during these NBA Playoff Series.


0:00 Saw A Lot of Things Around Baseball This Weekend

1:15 My Small Victory

2:20 We Did Power Rankings

5:25 Red Sox are Still First in ERA by a LOT & Other Team Stats

14:45 Cleveland vs. Kansas City is FASCINATING

16:20 Rhys Hoskins was the Best Signing of the Offseason

17:30 You Need to Hit to Be Good

21:40 Shoutout Danny Jansen

23:35 NL Central Back to Being Bad

23:50 Nuggets vs. Timberwolves is TIED

28:35 Boston Should Finish Off Cleveland

21:25 OKC vs. Dallas is Fun

36:20 Knicks and Pacers are Tied

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