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The Dan Patrick Show

The Dan Patrick Show

Dan Patrick's daily radio show has exclusive insider access, Patrick brings A-list guests from the world of sports and entertainment to the show....Full Bio


The Best Of Covino & Rich

C&R are working the holiday! They jump into the exciting Mavs/T-Wolves series & discuss the two best closers in the NBA, on the SAME team! The fellas key in on the difference between the West & the East Conference battles. It's the 31st anniversary of the ball bouncing off of Jose Canseco's head! What's the Top 3 sports bloopers? Karl Anthony Town said something that had Draymond Green react with the word "capping." What other dumb things do people lie about? 'IRON MIKE TRIVIA' has a tummy ache & a Swiggy winner! Plus, what did a large group of girls do at the Phoenix airport? 

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