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Who is MLB's Most Overrated Player? | June 10

Talkin' Jake and BBD react to The Athletic's MLB player poll on the best player in MLB, most overrated player, team you'd most/least want to play for, and more! You can read the full article here:

Wake n Jake is available on YouTube! You can watch along here:  



0:00 Hurley Staying at UConn

2:45 We Were in Yankee Stadium Last Night for Yanks-Dodgers

4:00 Player Poll: Best Player in Baseball


13:20 MLB's Most Overrated Player

23:30 Best Vibes Guy in MLB

24:45 Is the Season Too Long?

27:00 What Team Do You Wish You Could Play For?

30:20 Which Team Has the Worst Reputation?

32:00 Have Analytics Helped or Hurt Your Career?

34:30 Would You Institute a Salary Cap & Floor?

38:35 Boston Celtics Take 2-0 Lead in NBA Finals


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