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The Drama Is Thick In The NBA Off Season

It’s a BKR edition of the Doug Gottlieb Show with Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox sit in for Doug and break down the latest chapter in LeBron vs Kyrie where it’s reported that Kyrie  didn’t want to bring LeBron back to Cleveland because he thought he team was fine without the King. Plus , Kawhi Leonard  reportedly was shuffled away and hid from the San Antonio Spurs people earlier in the season and Dan and Jonas want to know, Kawhat the hell is going on? Also in the show, Tiger and Phil could be planning a one-on-one for the ages or a quick ratings and cash grab, but they could be playing each very soon and find out who from the Lakers’ past LeBron James has already been in contact with, sorry Luke Walton.

Guests include: Jordan Schultz from Yahoo Sports and FS1 Soccer analyst and former USA World Cup member Eric Wynalda.

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