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Let's Make Some Deals

Dan Beyer and Ephraim Salaam, in for Doug Gottlieb, discuss the big moves made by the Houston Texans over the weekend. The guys revisit a wager they made last week and there is controversy over whether Dan actually won. Dan and Ephraim react to the first week of the college football season and how Jalen Hurts showed everyone that he is a complete quarterback. The guys think that Andrew Luck’s retirement will have an effect on the entire upcoming season in the NFL. Dan and Ephraim discuss why the Pac-12 was the biggest loser in the first week of the college football season. Plus, the guys look ahead and give their thoughts on what they expect to see in the upcoming NFL season, with a twist.

Guests Include: Adam Caplan, John McClain, Clarence Hill, Jr. and Joel Klatt

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