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On the Friday edition of The Best Of The Doug Gottlieb Show: Doug talks about about Lamar Jackson and his potential long-term contract with the Ravens as the star quarterback has been announced as out again for Baltimore this coming Sunday. Doug points out that if we are to believe that the 49ers will likely move on from Jimmy Garoppollo because of his inability to stay on the field, we should also wonder why that is not a factor with Jackson and the Ravens.

Doug gives his five favorite picks for the final week of the NFL regular season. And Reacting to Lebron James refusing to back down from a tweet that he sent out earlier in the week about the Wizards' broadcaster who made an awful mistake calling the Rockets-Wizards game, Doug says this is a perfect example of why people have issues with Lebron.

The biggest game of the weekend is the Raiders v Chargers on Sunday night in Vegas, Doug gives his thoughts and then welcomes former Raiders defensive back Stanford Routt onto the show to break down the game and talk about the rivalry.

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