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On the Thursday edition of The Best Of The Doug Gottlieb Show: Doug has pointed out more than once this week that most of us are in the people business, and how you treat people and how you empathize with people is important in life and business. Doug points to three examples of that as he talks about Jimmy Garoppolo's candid comments about his future weighing on him, Darren Waller's very raw description of his addiction, and the report that Tagovailoa was told by Brian Flores that the Dolphins should have draft Mac Jones this year.

In reaction to the Kings' DJ playing Foreigner's song "Cold As Ice" when Russell Westbrook touched the ball on Wednesday night, Doug talks about how below average Westbrook has been for the Lakers this year and throws in some other Foreigner cuts to make his point.

Former Bucs and longtime NFL scout GM Mark Dominik joins Doug to talk about the NFL head coach firings, what goes into the dynamic between a GM and head coach, and to discuss some of the major headlines going into the wild card weekend of the NFL.

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