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Doug Gottlieb Speaks with OneOf Co-Founder Joshua James

Doug Gottlieb Speaks with Co-Founder Oneof Joshua James

Photo: Moment RF

On iHeartMedia's The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug spoke with Joshua James who is the co-founder of the OneOf NFT platform! James gives Doug and overview of what exactly an NFT is and why they are growing in popularity, shares some background on the world of digital collectibles, insight about OneOf's exciting move into the sports world, and much more!

Doug Gottlieb: "What separates OneOf's NFT's from the rest of the NFT world?"
Joshua James: "We looked at the NFT space, and we saw a world that is complicated, hard to get into, and hard to understand... So we set up a platform that is for non-crypto people. It's easy to sign up and you don't need to know anything about crypto... We launched initially in the music space and now we're moving into sports because we think the passion points around fandom are a great way to bring people into the crypto-space in an easy way to understand..."

Listen to the full iHeartMedia interview above! Check out all of OneOf's NFT collectibles at