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On the Tuesday edition of The Best Of The Doug Gottlieb Show:  Doug predicted back when the Warriors traded for Andrew Wiggins in February of 2020 that he would fit in great and the Warriors would be back competing for a title soon. That has come true and Doug shares why he thought that then and what he thinks of Wiggins now in his role with the Warriors.

The Braves winning streak makes the "That's Baseball!" segment.  Current NBA Analyst and former NBA champion Antonio Daniels joins Doug to break down game five, to talk about the impact of Andrew Wiggins, and to preview game six. 

Doug makes that point that Steph Curry's off-night shooting may have been a storyline coming out of game 5 of the NBA playoffs, but what is not covered enough is the how impactful he was because of how he was defended and getting others involved.  

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