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Kyrie Irving Should Not Be Rewarded For His Petulance

Photo: Maddie Meyer

With Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving’s future still unresolved, Doug reflects on how Irving's past and current behavior has undoubtedly been a hindrance to the NBA's popularity. Doug believes the perceived shift of power that players have over an organization is out of control, and for Kyrie to potentially end up in his ideal situation with the Lakers for his petulance is turning people off of today’s generation of the NBA.

Doug Gottlieb: “The idea of Kyrie Irving getting his way when he’s treated people poorly and acts like he’s petulant is the part that doesn’t sit well with people. Yet, he has the potential to go to the Lakers and play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis? That seems hard to accept, hard to fathom and hard to think that that’s the way in which a guy should be rewarded.”