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‘Super’ Conferences Are Coming in College Sports

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres are in for Doug Gottlieb today on the Doug Gottlieb Show and their extensive knowledge of collegiate athletics truly comes in handy. They dissect the latest maneuverings after USC and UCLA announced their intention to leave the Pac-12 for the Big Ten. All bets are off the table as the Big XII is looking to keep pace and possibly lure some other teams their way. While nobody is certain how it will all shake out, Dan and Aaron have the expertise to make sense of this unprecedented time in college sports.

Dan Beyer: “You would have a better conference if the Pac-12 took from the Big XII instead of vice versa.”

Aaron Torres: "There are going to be 2 ‘super’ conferences...but if you’re not in the Big Ten and you’re not in the SEC, proverbially, you’re kinda screwed.”