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The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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Nerd Sesh - NBA Finals Mailbag

The nerds answer all your questions about the NBA Finals in a mailbag episode, from where Luka ranks among the best offensive players ever to where Kyrie Irving ranks among the best point guards of this era, compared to Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. They also discuss where Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics could rank among the best teams this century with a win in the Finals.


00:00:23 - Where does Luka rank as an all-time offensive player in terms of skill?

00:16:08 - How high can Kyrie climb all-time with a Finals win this year?

00:27:24 - What should Dallas’ gameplan be offensively and defensively?

00:37:42 - Who will have the best defensive player on the court and how important is it?

00:42:45 - What would Logan think if Tatum wins or loses the Finals?

00:46:11 - If Luka dominates in the Finals, how is he not the best player in the world?

00:52:47 - How many finals winners since 2000 would beat the 2024 Celtics?

00:57:56 - Where would the Celtics rank all-time with a dominant Finals?

01:04:52 - If Boston succumbs to the pressure, how will we know?

01:08:59 - What is the most interesting Finals match-up of the last 20 years?

01:12:57 - Who are the most underrated and overrated draft prospects in the 2024 class?

01:24:11 - What can the Heat do this offseason to become a real contender again?

01:28:47 - What do you think about seeding the playoffs 1-16

01:32:18 - Do you buy the drafting Bronny sweepstakes in enticing LeBron to their team?

01:37:20 - What would you make as the 76ers GM this offseason?

01:41:17 - What do the Timberwolves do with their roster over the next few years?

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