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The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

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Jason Smith & Mike Harmon Play Matchmaker for Free Agent Quarterbacks

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Jason Smith: “Nothing has changed for me in regards to Lamar Jackson: he’s not returning to the Ravens. So, where will he end up? There were reports about Miami being a fit, but I don’t think that’s the right fit. The right fit for Lamar, and it depends on if Baltimore is willing to trade him there, is the New England Patriots. I’ve told you from the beginning: this is what Belichick wants, a mobile QB who can throw it well and make plays, you can build around him the next 3-4 years and have the ability to draw star WRs. Lamar Jackson is the apple of Bill Belichick’s eye. The only question is if the Ravens have the guts to do it, and potentially jumpstart another Patriots dynasty.”
Mike Harmon: “I don’t think the Ravens are concerned about making the Patriots good again. On their side, it’s only about making the best deal that helps them out.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon give their predictions on where they think this year’s free agent QBs will end up. Will the Ravens be forced to move Lamar Jackson? Are the Packers really done with Aaron Rodgers? Listen to the full segment above!