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The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon bring their extensive experience in sports talk entertainment to late nights on FOX Sports Radio, providing analysis on...Full Bio


Jason Smith: Speed Beat Size Against Purdue

Photo: Andy Lyons

Jason Smith: "Everytime Purdue would have the ball in the paint...they would cause havoc and create turnovers...the size could not make up for the speed."
Mike Harmon: "Speed kills is the old adage right, get out and try to run."

On this episode of The Jason Smith Show, with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike talk with Fairleigh Dickinson play by play announcer, Sitesh Shah, as his team upset Purdue earlier today in a historic fashion. The guys go more into depth on Fairleigh Dickinson and just how they won including hearing Shah give a unique final call for the show.