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The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

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The Jets and Lions Will Face Off in Vegas for SuperBowl LVIII

Photo: Mike Stobe

Jason Smith: "The Jets and Lions will be in the SuperBowl. Anybody that is anti-Jets are anti-Jets just because you want to be anti-Jets... the Jets have a top 3 roster. The only thing they were missing was the quarterback. The quarterback has come in, the offense is humming along... the Jets are going to be great. The Lions offense is going to be unstoppable. All their defense needs to be is average. I know it sounds absolutely insane and I’m OK with that. Jets and Lions SuperBowl.”
Mike Harmon: “I’m going Jaguars and Giants for the SuperBowl. I’m excited for this NFL season because half the teams have new offensive coordinators."

On the latest episode of The Jason Smith Show, Jason Smith and Mike Harmon give us their SuperBowl and MVP predictions for the 2023 NFL Season. Listen to the full segment above!