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The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon bring their extensive experience in sports talk entertainment to late nights on FOX Sports Radio, providing analysis on...Full Bio


Hour 4 - Harmon & Hollins - TAKE THE EARINGS OFF

On tonight's edition of The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Ryan Hollins is pinch hitting for Jason Smith! The guys open the hour reacting to the new Hulu show Clipped, looking into the characters and even critiquing our very own Ryan Hollins' character in the show! Next, Co-Founder of the Bet The Board podcast Todd Fuhrman joins the show to let the guys in on everything coming out Vegas! Finally, a legend in the game show community Pat Sajak retires from Wheel Of Fortune! Listen to all that and so much more in hour 4!  

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