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The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

Two seasoned veteran reporters collide as FSR hosts and FS1 analysts Chris Broussard and Rob Parker partner to provide listeners a credible and...Full Bio


Brady vs. Rodgers Debate Rages On

It's The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker! Chris and Rob get into a heated debate about whether Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady was the best NFL quarterback of the 2010s, explain why they both think Justin Turner's plan to hold an extra innings Home Run derby to help speed up MLB games in 2020 is a bad idea, pay homage to the late-great Al Kaline, and much more! The Odd Couple also delivers another contentious edition of Sources Say, and the Odd Couple Crew discusses the true worth of toilet paper in Shop Talk. Plus, appearances by Hall of Fame boxer 'Sugar' Ray Leonard, Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson and Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel

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