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The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

Two seasoned veteran reporters collide as FSR hosts and FS1 analysts Chris Broussard and Rob Parker partner to provide listeners a credible and...Full Bio


Rob Parker: "I'd Rather Pick Aaron Judge Over Shohei Ohtani"

Photo: Cole Burston

Rob Parker: “I think people look at Ohtani and think he will do this his whole career... he will become either a pitcher or hitter and if he becomes a hitter, I would take Aaron Judge and I don’t think he’s (Ohtani) the best pitcher in baseball."
Chris Broussard: “He’s (Ohtani) a top five hitter and I’d say a top ten pitcher... doing both.”
Rob Parker: "I don’t know if I would pass up on a slugger like Aaron Judge and not only what he does at the plate and for himself but what he does for that lineup to make players around him better. The Yankees are a great team when he plays and just a good team when he doesn’t play.”
Chris Broussard: “Ohtani is more dependable in terms of health... I’m shocked you’re leaving that out”
Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the potential of MLB stars Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani and debate which player they would build their franchise around. Rob Parker thinks Shohei Ohtani is currently more impressive but believes Aaron Judge will have a better career. However, Chris Broussard would rather build around Shohei Ohtani and says he’s more dependable in terms of health. Listen to the full segment above!