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Vince McMahon Needs to Eliminate No-Arrest Rule

XFL should drop the no-arrests rule.

Vince McMahon made the announcement on Thursday that he would be bringing back the XFL for a 2nd attempt in 2020. McMahon said that the league is going to be fan-centric, fast paced, and above all, not political.

Clay Travis this most of what Vince McMahon laid out is a good idea. However, McMahon also said he would not hire any players with arrest records. Clay thinks that's one rule that McMahon should re-think. People often make silly mistakes when they are young and in college & shouldn't have opportunities limited because of it. Also, in order to succeed, the XFL will need headliners like Johnny Manziel who happens to have an arrest record.

Here's How the XFL Can Work This Time Around - Thumbnail Image

Here's How the XFL Can Work This Time Around