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Colin Cowherd: City of Tampa Should Never Have Been Given an MLB Franchise

Colin Cowherd Says Tampa Bay Should Have Never Been Given an MLB Franchise

Colin Cowherd: “Giving Tampa a baseball team was ridiculous. When the Rays came to Tampa, the city had ONE Fortune 500 company, Raymond James Financial services. You cannot have a baseball team in a city that has one Fortune 500 company, you need about 12 so they can buy all the suites. Tampa is OLD, it is not wealthy, and it had no business getting a Major League Baseball team. I’ve lived in Washington, Oregon, Connecticut, California, and Florida… Tampa/St. Petersburg was easily the least corporate place.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the Tampa Bay Rays bizarre recent discussions that would involve the team splitting their games between Tampa and Montreal in an unprecedented ‘two-city’ franchise share.

Colin says the uncanny offer would never work from a logistical standpoint, but then explains why the city of Tampa was always set up for failure hosting Major League Baseball.

The Devil Rays inaugural season was in 1998 and the team has seen a run of success with the franchise making it to a World Series in 2008, however, Cowherd details the severe financial liabilities of a host community that offers only one Fortune 500 company (Raymond James Financial) in a sport where you have to put on 81 home games, unlike only eight in the NFL.

Check out the audio above as Colin explains why professional baseball will never flourish in Tampa.