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Arash Markazi: Lakers Are 'Not Nervous' On Chances of Signing Kawhi Leonard

Will Kawhi Leonard be apart of the NBA's next 'Big Three' With the Lakers?
Colin Cowherd: “You’re tied to the Lakers/Clippers stuff, so what are your sources telling you today about how the Lakers feel?”
Arash Markazi: “They’re not nervous right now. They are not as nervous as you would think they would be with all these names they could potentially sign if they don’t get Kawhi coming off the board. They are 100% all in on Kawhi. It doesn’t mean that they know they’re going to get him, but they didn’t create this cap space for a hail mary. They were cautiously optimistic and don’t view themselves as a dark horse pick. They think they have a real chance.”

NBA insider Arash Markazi, a Lakers reporter for the Los Angeles Times, joined The Herd to talk about what’s going through the heads of the Lakers in the midst of one of the most important weeks in their franchise’s history.

The team waits to hear where superstar Kawhi Leonard will ultimately take his talents next season, as the franchise has reportedly emerged as the frontrunners for one of the greatest free agents in sports history.

Markazi says the team is ‘not nervous’ and ‘quietly confident’ they’ll land Kawhi, and says they didn’t cleverly maneuver their payroll last week simply because they thought they ‘might’ have a chance with the two-time Finals MVP.

Check out the audio below as Markazi talks about the team’s confidence to sign Leonard, and also what the roster might look like if they indeed sign Kawhi.

Arash Markazi: Lakers Are 'Not Nervous' On Chances of Signing Kawhi Leonard