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Chris Broussard Discusses His Botched Kawhi Leonard Reports

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers
Chris Broussard: “First of all, don’t act like I was the ONLY one saying Kawhi to the Lakers, EVERYBODY was saying Lakers! Damon Jones was on there saying Lakers, Stephen A. Smith was saying Lakers... Now I was saying Lakers too, but the Lakers 'WERE' out front. The Clippers on Thursday morning were essentially out. Without them getting a second star, Kawhi Leonard wasn’t going there and they knew it, but they scrambled and got it done.”

Listen to Chris Broussard discuss why one of the most exciting free agent signing periods in sports history turned out to be one of its most shocking as well, as the ‘Where is Kawhi Leonard Going?’ saga turned out to be the summer’s most enthralling question.

Chris explains why he and so many other NBA Insiders were fooled by Leonard’s decision to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, as zero hour was approaching with the Raptors and Lakers seemingly the front-runners to land the two-time Finals MVP.

Check out the audio below as Chris detail why he thinks Kawhi finally flipped on the Lakers to team up with the Clippers, after Chris firmly believed the team was OUT of the running a week prior.

Chris Broussard Discusses His Botched Kawhi Leonard Reports