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OJ Simpson Calls Out Colin Kaepernick on Twitter, Supports Betsy Ross Flag

O.J. Simpson shows the jury a new pair of Aris ext
O.J. Simpson: “Lately, I saw where Kaepernick pointed out that the Betsy Ross flag was being used by some negative groups as their symbol. I say don’t let the negative win. As far as I’m concerned, that flag represents the birth of America.”

O.J. Simpson made ‘news’ again with a perpetually tabloid producing Twitter page that still doesn’t seem real.

Simpson bizarrely made an account last month uncomfortably close to the 25th anniversary of his ex-wife Nicole Brown’s slaying, and has consistently uploaded vague videos containing mostly irrelevant and clichéd opinions about anonymous topics. Last month someone even made an OJ burner account that was threatening people with knife emojis in their DM's. For a couple days, people actually believed it to be true.

Simpson’s next target is Colin Kaepernick, after the polarizing former NFL quarterback controversially spearheaded the censorship of a Nike shoe that was to debut around Independence Day.

Kaepernick, a major spokesman with the company, talked Nike into outlawing the release of a Betsy Ross-inspired shoe that was meant to honor the woman credited with designing the United States of a America’s first flag in its history. Kaepernick then torpedoed the promotion after claiming the flag was a symbol of hate.

Simpson, however, says we shouldn’t let hate groups that have adopted the flag as a insignia lay claim to one of the most iconic symbols of the country and says it stands for the birth of America.

Yes, this is 2019 and this is real news we MUST cover.